Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Meditations

Sunday afternoon. Mild, cloudy, with a temperate breeze and a silver grey wetness in the atmosphere. The beauty of the ushering in of the Spring beckons me to walk outside.

The trees are in bud. Tiny green clusters grace the ends of the elegant, drooping boughs of our plum tree. I meditate on the miracle that God makes the roots of this age-old tree soak up the nutrients and water in the soil, causes that life-juice to flow through the gnarled, brown trunk, up through the branches, and overflow in green buds that will soon become leaves, and then pure white blossoms, and then good, life-giving fruit.

I walk round the tree and down the hill, the grass and dirt cool and wet to my bare feet, the wind ruffling my hair, the sky sending forth silver rays of dusk. I lay down in the grass, and stare up at the sky. The clouds race and frolic across the heavens, grey, pearl, lavender, blue. The sun is still so bright through the fog that my eyes can hardly withstand the glorious light. The beautiful canopy stretches in every direction, magnanimous, great, brilliant, cascading forth as far as the eye can see. My mind hearkens back to Jesus, the Imaginer, Creator and Maker of the mighty beauty of the sky, the graceful strength of the trees, the tender loveliness of the green buds.

He cares about the great things as well as the small things. He who encompasses the greatness of the world came to earth in the form of the smallest of the small. He is Yahweh the Wonderworker.

I feel as if I could see into the Heavens. As if I could fly into the sky, following the path of Jesus's ascension, through the clouds, into the atmosphere, beyond the blue air, into the glorious realm of the sun, moon, and stars, past the fiery explosions of the celestial beings of the Aether, and finally to the very mercy seat of Him who made us.

I rise, my mind overwhelmed with the magnitude of His mercy, His beauty, His goodness, His truth, His imagination, His love. The Resurrection and the Life. The Light of the World. The Lover of our souls.

Join with all nature in manifold witness

to thy great faithfulness, mercy and love!


Gretchen Emily Wolaver said...

That was beautiful, Camille. Nature is truly overwhelmingly beautiful, and magnifies so deeply the glory of God!

Abby said...

Lovely, truly lovely.

I always feel a renewed sense of Resurrection in my own life at this season. An awakening as it were.

Spring is, as we have conversed many times, the renewing of the earth, a kind of re-birth if you will. I think that is why I love it so.

Jessica Hall said...

Very lovely Camille. It sounds so peaceful! Our cherry trees are in blossom and they are so beautiful!

Camille Rose Wolaver said...

Thank you girls for the comments! Yes, this season is so beautifully full of the spirit of the Resurrection!

Katie Mahoney said...

That’s a sweet meditation, Camille. God’s creation is marvelous, and surpasses all knowledge!
Here spring has arrived early, which makes it extra odd (I think) that Resurrection Sunday should be later than usual this year. We have been in the throes of spring planting, and now and then the wind brings me the sweet fragrance of orange blossoms, which is so refreshing.
We are happy every time we see that you have posted. : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Camille,
Hope everyone is doing well. This isn’t a comment, I just wanted to let you know that we have started a blog called Home and Hospitality. The link is,
We are excited that you all are coming to Florida again soon!
Love, Katie Mahoney