Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Prayer

O fountain of Light, you are the Light and the origin of Light,
Listen with favour in your mercy to our prayers.
O Light, as we flee from the darkness of our sins,
Rescue us, whose bountiful and holy power first created us,
Whose justice condemned us and whose devotion has redeemed us:
Be in all things merciful, just and almighty.

May the power of faith so arouse us,
That the glory of hope may be kindled for the future:
May love infuse our longing for ages without end.
Be the kindly ruler of our life
That we may have time for work and rest;
And as each succeeds the other may we be refreshed.

Kindle us and make us vessels worthy of spiritual light.

~Alcuin of York, Counsellor of Charlemagne