I am a young Christian woman, seeking to know Yahweh in all His infinity.  I am immensely blessed.  I am surrounded by a family whom I love and from whom I have experienced love.  I am enveloped in a fellowship that leads me closer to the Father every day.  I am home-birthed, home-educated, a home-maker, a home-lover.  I am a harpist and a pianist, and know the power music can have in one's life.  I am a Christian, and therefore a thinker, a listener, a learner, a speaker, a writer, a fruit-bearer

I love the art of the aesthetic.  Scripture.  Children.  Singing.  Dancing.  Music.  Old books.  Intelligent movies.  The Arts and Crafts Movement.  The Victorian era.  Homeschooling.  Ancient languages.  History.  Health.  Home.  Gardening.  Dark chocolate.  Coffee.  Loose-leaf tea.  Candlelight.  Sunshine.  Flowers.  Lace.  Thaumaturgy.

I love literature.  Charles Dickens.  Jane Austen.  George Eliot.  Charlotte Brontë.  Louisa May Alcott.  L.M. Montgomery.  The Romantic poets.  

I love Christians who think.  The Apostles.  The Saints.  Dante Alighieri.  The Gawain-Poet.  Saint Alcuin.  King Alfred.  George MacDonald.  G.K. Chesterton.  C.S. Lewis.  Charles Williams.  J.R.R. Tolkien.  Dorothy Sayers.